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Huvitz Social Contribution

With a firm belief that a corporate must grow together as a member of the society, it has been making its best efforts to contribute to our society, life and especially for health of the humanity.

Huvitz Social Contribution system is divided into three action areas for healthier and better life.

Visual impairment
prevention activities
Enhancing the life qualityt
that everybody can see
world more brightly
Community activities
All members participate
in corporate’s
social responsibility.
Volunteer activities
Sponsorship projects that
can give light to any neighbors
in need of help

Visual impairment prevention activities

What can we do well by taking advantage of the strengths of ophthalmic medical device companies?
The "Optometry Bus to Visit" started with these concerns. After recently upgrading from a check-up bus to an ophthalmology bus equipped with eye care and examination equipment, we are visiting vulnerable and underprivileged groups across the country to carry out vision protection prevention activities such as eye examinations, eye care, and eyeglass donation.

Community activities

Huvitz is carrying out activities to create social values in various areas of vulnerable and underprivileged classes, environment, education, etc. by thinking about its stakeholders’ happiness and communities first, centering on the area of the headquarters and for fulfilling its role as a member of the local community.

Volunteer activities

‘Bandi Society’, a volunteer organization of Huvitz’s employees, values in-person services that can share their hearts, not limiting to simple volunteer work. By focusing the volunteer theme on ‘children, youth and elderly’ and conducting members’ volunteer activities in such a way, it gains trust and support from the society.