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Pioneering the global market with innovative optical technology.

You are able to meet

Huvitz’s technologies

in various areas of your life.

Huvitz has pioneered the field of digital optical applications using its own technologies.

Optometric Diagnostic Field

Optometric diagnosis is important for all ages regardless of level of eyesight. By measuring eye mobility, sight, eye’s condition itself, it provides the most suitable method of vision correction and helps to detect and diagnose eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration at an early stage.

Lens Processing Field

Automatic edging system of processing lenses for vision correction was designed and developed with Huvitz’s innovative processing technologies to provide the fast and precise customized total eyewear solution.

Industrial 3D Optical Inspection

Optical coherence tomography technology, which was used only in the medical field, has been expanded to the industry without destroying samples and it provides the real-time high-resolution 3D stereoscopic images. It enables to detect even minute defects such as stacking state condition, thickness of display panels, multi-layered structures with only one inspection.