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Huvitz, a global small and medium-sized company leading the world's ophthalmic optics market.

Huvitz’s challenges

and best moments

for 25 years

Founding Period Settling-Down Period Growing Period

A new challenge is began.

In 1998, Mirae Optics, Huvitz’s predecessor, was established to explore possibilities
of the optics industry and lay the foundation of the business.


Laying the foundation for growth

In 2007, the first overseas subsidiary, Shanghai Huvitz,
was set up and established the bridgehead for overseas development.
We have laid the foundation for a higher leap forward by developing sales networks
in 70 countries in the world as well as overseas subsidiaries.


The company got on track for growth.

Starting with the move to a new office building in Pyeongchon in 2017, the company took a new step toward a big leap forward.
Focusing on the ref-keratometer, which ranked 3rd in the global market share,
by releasing all-in-one retinal tomography and optical tomography equipment, the company has expanded
the business to new areasfield and has been developing into a global optical specialist enterprise.


Mirae Optics Co., Ltd. was established.


FDA approval of automatic refractor/keratometer

Launched of South Korea’s first automatic ref-keratometer

Acquisition of venture company certification (Small and Medium Business Administration)


Acquisition of South Korean New Technology (KT) certification (Ministry of Science and Technology)

Certification of Company-Affiliated Research Center (South Korea Industrial Technology Association)

Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Award (Gyeonggi-do)


Presidential Award at Precision Technology Promotion Competition (Ministry of Industry and Energy)

5 Million US Dollar Export Tower Award (The 38th Trade Day)

Certification of Promising Small and Medium Enterprise of Gyeonggi (Gyeonggi-do)

Designated as a promising small and medium export enterprise (Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Export Support Center)


Nominated for a world-class product and production company (Ministry of Industry and Energy)

Awarded the Industrial Award for venture company (Small and Medium Business Administration)

Changed the company name to Huvitz Co., Ltd.


Listed on KOSDAQ


10 Million US Dollar Export Tower Award (The 41st Trade Day)


Launched of South Korea’s first fully automatic edging machine (lens processing device)


Automatic lens processing device IR52 received Jang Young-sil Award (Ministry of Science and ICT)


Founded Shanghai Huvitz Precision Device Co., Ltd.

Ministry Award at the Health Industry Technology Exhibition (Ministry of Health and Welfare)


20 Million US Dollar Export Tower Award (The 45th Trade Day)


FDA approval of slit lamp microscope

Launched of South Korea’s first slit lamp microscope


Asia’s Top 200 Promising Small and Medium Enterprises Nominated for the Asia’s Best Under a Billion (Forbes)

Launched of South Korea’s first contactless non-contact tonometer


30 Million US Dollar Export Tower Award (The 48th Trade Day)

Model Taxpayer Award (The 45th Taxpayer’s Day)


Award for overseas IT market development and globalization (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

Knowledge Economy Minister Award at the 11th Global IT CEO Awards (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

Nominated for an excellent technology management company for 2012 (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

Certification of joyful workplace and happy company (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)


Nominated for a technology-innovation small and medium company (INNOBIZ) (Small and Medium Enterprise Administration)

Nominated for a World Class 300 Company (Small and Medium Enterprise Administration)

Nominated for a small hidden champion (Ministry of Employment and Labor)




Nominated for a happiness sharing company (Ministry of Health and Welfare)




Completion of Huvitz’s new office building and relocation of the HQ (Pyeongchon Smart Square)


Launched of all-in-one retinal optical coherence tomography (HOCT)

Nominated for a good small and medium company to work for (South Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


Launched of industrial optical coherence tomography (3D ATI)

Established Huvitz Daejeon branch


Acquired the Certification of Innovative Medical Device Company (Ministry of Health and Welfare, South Korea)

Nominated for the a Medical Device R&D Project (Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, South Korea)

Implemented Huvitz way


FDA approval of fundus camera 'HFC-1'


Launched of HTR-1 4 in 1 ophthalmic diagnostic device