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Introducing a variety of Huvitz products sold in the global market.


The variety of Huvitz LCD Charts

Optotypes System HDC-9000N/PF, now in Full HD technology

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  • Specifications
1. High Resolution 24” LCD Chart
This 24’’ Color TFT-LCD Polarized Panel provides a high resolution chart of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

2. Various Types of Standard Visual Acuity Charts
The more than 100 various charts for the HDC-9100N/PF support all manners of tests for the visual acuity and visual function.
Standard charts include tests such as Letter, Number, Landolt C, Snellen E, Children chart and other specialty charts as well.

3. Color Vision Test
HDC-9100N/PF presents 12 charts for testing Color Blindness and 9 charts for classifying the level of visual inability.
4. Contrast Sensitivity Test
The HDC-9100N/PF also has a function to measure contrast sensitivity at various levels using letter charts and the bar. The results of tests are analyzed and displayed providing the patient with more details and a professional and analytical diagnosis.
5. Hue Test
For the color blindness test, the HDC-9100N/PF supports the professional test consisting of 85 color charts diversified by wavelength and the simple test of 15 color charts.
LCD Type N-Type (Non- Polarized Panel) : 24 inch Full HD TFT LCD
PF-Type (Polarized Panel) : 24 inch Full HD TFT LCD
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
White Luminance 250 cd/㎡
Chart Window Size 24 inch : 531.4 mm (H) x 298.9 mm (V)
Power Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz Output: DC+12V, 7.08A
Data Transmission Connected to PC[USB], Connected to HDR/CDR[CAN]
Adapter Power Consumption 100-250 V~, 1.5-0.75 A, 50-60 Hz
Product Power Consumption 12 V DC, 4 A
Main Body Size / Weight 568 mm (W) x 336 mm (H) x 80 mm (D) / 6.1 kg
Remote Control Size / Weight 64 mm (W) x 195 mm (H) x 21 mm (D) / 160 g
Test Distance 1.5m~6m (0.1m Step)
External Input USB (Memory Stick, Keyboard), CAN
Controls Wired (CAN): HDR-7000, HDR-9000, CDR-3100
Wireless (IR): HDR-7000, HDR-9000
Wireless (WiFi): HDR-9000
Bluetooth 3.0
Main Body Fixing Method Wall Mount
Optional Red/Green Glasses, Polarization Glasses, Desk Stand
Chart Landolt Ring, Alphabet, Number, Tumbling E
Figures for Children, Russian Letter, Hiragana
Functional Chart (Red/Green, Cross Cylinder, Binocular Balance, Fusion Suppression,Phoria, Aniseikonia, Streopsis etc.)
Masking Filter Dot, Row, Column
Red/Green Filter
Setting Change IR Channel of Remote Controller (10 Channel)
Mode for Movie or Photo
Sleep Mode
Contrast Rearrange
Red/Green Balance
Color Adjustment for Red/Green Filter
Random Function
Chart Space Adjustment
Chart Background Switching
Test Color Vision Test
HUE Test
Contrast Sensitivity Test
Etc. Vergence, Saccadic, Stereopsis Training
Custom Program (2 Program Support)
** Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for improvements.