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Introducing a variety of Huvitz products sold in the global market.


The simplicity is another advantage

Energy-saving and auto-sensing feature will surprise you

White & Black colors are available

  • Features
  • Specifications
1. Compact and sleek design with luxurious feel
Simple, and it makes your work environment look great
2. Adjustable LED intensity
(1) Lifetime durability LED lamp
(2) Easy to mark and block even with dark-tinted lenses by brightness control function
3. Auto power-saving mode
(1) Automatic power off after confirming the marking points
(2) Automatic power off and sleep mode after preset time
Illumination White LED Source, Light Intensity Adjustment, Automatic Power Saving Mode
Dimensions / Weight 177(W) x 184(D) x 261(H)mm / 2kg
Power Supply 5V DC 3.5A
Power Consumption 2.5W
** Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for improvements.