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Absolute high speed

  • Features
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1. 80 Seconds/Fast Control
80 seconds to cut the frame with KAIZER XX. KAIZER XX has enhanced not only its high speed, but also its stability
2. 35 Styles of Step-Bevel/Ultimate Flexibility
KAIZER XX supports almost all of frame types with the combination of 7 different step bevel types and 5 edge styles. For example, full or partial, front or rear, bevel top or grooved top, and etc.

3. 2X Built-in Drill Solution/Synergy Effect
Built-in Driller reduces processing time by 50%. Enjoy the reduced processing time, greater diversity and advanced scalability.
4. Smarter Performance
Easier to process any kinds of jobs, including complex and difficult ones. Smarter algorithm, automatic recognition, intuitive GUI, compatibility, even with crystal clear polishing.
5. Improved Retouch Function
Improved retouch function enables more efficient fitting for complex processing using grooving or bevel.
The function dramatically reduces processing time by specifically adjusting the range as well as size and grooving.
6.Perfect fitting/Ultem frame
It’s possible to do perfect fitting for super flexible frame by using Ultem mode
Lens Material Plastic, Polycarbonate, High index plastic, Glass, Trivex
Edging Type Bevel, Groove, Rimless, Mini bevel, Partial bevel, Partial groove, Dual groove, Hybrid groove, Asymmetric bevel, Semi-U bevel, Step bevel*
Edging Position Front %, Front mm, Rear mm, Base curve, Auto, Manual (with 2D simulation and 3D preview)
Edging Options Polishing, Saftety bevel, Safety mode
Built-in Drilling** Hole, Slot, Notch, Scan & Cut shape, Chemistrie Clip
Functions Job manager, Digital pattern, Hole editor, Asymmetric bevel editor, Scan & Cut shape editor, Step bevel editor, OMA import/export, CAD export, DCS/OMA compatibility, Retouch mode (Normal, Drill-only, All)
Utilities LCD tilting
Automatic edging room door
Edging room illumination
SD card storage (Memory card included)
Barcode reader interface, Vacuum interface
Edging Size Max. 90mm
Min. flat edging : 18.5mm (without safety bevel)
Min. bevel edging : 20mm (without safety bevel)
Display 9.7”color TFT LCD(1024x768) with touch screen
Dimensions / Weight 540(W) x 472(D) x 580(H)mm
51.2kg (110V), 50.2kg (220V)
Power Supply AC 100–120V / AC 220–240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1400VA
** 'N' type doesn't support step beveling. ** 'X' and 'N' types don't support built-in drilling. Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for improvements.