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Reliable Measurement of Corneal Data Using Placido Disc Analysis Technology

Offering Comprehensive Corneal Data

Specially Designed for Comprehensive Corneal Topography Analysis

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1. Accurate corneal data measurement
The utilization of Placido disc analysis technology allows us to precisely measure various corneal data, including Keratometry, Topography, Keratoconus, Zernike Coefficients, Pupillometry, and white-to-white measurements. The resulting data is presented in the form of Axial, Tangential, Refractive Power, and Elevation Maps. This information is invaluable for assessing the shape and health status of the cornea, determining vision correction lens prescriptions, and planning for cataract surgery.

2. Early Detection of Keratoconus Prediction
By meticulously examining the cornea's front curvature, regional shape, convexity, and eccentricity, it calculates the KPI (Keratoconus Prediction Index) value to predict the likelihood of keratoconus. This information provides insights into potential keratoconus risks and predicts potential outcomes.

3. Analysis for a Range of parameters
Through the analysis of Zernike Coefficients/Map, it measures and provides analysis data for various parameters including refractive power variations, irregular astigmatism, and aberrations in the eye.

4. Pupillometry for Gathering Pupil Data
Pupil size and responsiveness are evaluated under various lighting conditions, both during the day and at night. The results of these measurements are graphically displayed, including pupil diameter, maximum average pupil diameter, and average pupil diameter.

Parameter Measuring range SD of Repeatability
Corneal curvature radius 3 – 38mm ±0.03 mm
Cornea refractive power 9D~110D
(Cornea equivalence’s refractive index: 1.3375)
Direction of principal meridians Measuring range: 1° – 180°
Accuracy: according to the ISO 10343:2014
White-to-white distance 7 – 14mm ±0.05 mm
Pupil diameter 0.5 – 10mm ±0.05 mm
Working distance 80 mm
Placido disc 24 rings
Points Analyzed Over 100,000 (Measured points:Over 6,220)
Measuring accuracy Type A according to the ISO 19980:2012
Measuring range up to Ø 9,8 mm (on a 8 mm sphere) 42,20D with n=1.3375
Display Tiltable 10.1 inch, Touch panel color LCD
Horizontal movement 45 mm (back and forth), 100 mm (left and right)
Vertical movement 30 mm
Chinrest movement 62 mm (up and down), motorized
Auto tracking X,Y for positioning, Z for working distance
Power supply AC 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.6–0.7 A
PC Built in computer
Dimensions 302(W) x 506(D) x 510(H) mm
Mass 22 kg
Software Features  
Keratoconus KPI
Contact lens fitting Fluorescein simulation
Zernike Analysis  
** Specification and design are subject to change without notice.