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Introducing a variety of Huvitz products sold in the global market.


All-in-One OCT with Fundus Camera, Angiography, Biometry and Topography

One for All System

High-Speed & High-Quality

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Provides High-speed Scan, High-quality Image by using Huvitz’s outstanding optical technology and innovative image software. Shows extensive information, such as 3D structure of Retina, Macula's thickness and separation, in a vivid image.
2. One for All System & User Friendly
By combining OCT-Angiography, Full Color Fundus Camera, and PC, it can generate high resolution images providing multi-purpose functions for diagnosis. It saves both time and space by performing frontal view(Enface) of eye diseases, Tomography, cross-compare and diagnosis in a single run.

3. Web Browsing System
Patient's test data can be analyzed anywhere on the Internet. You can check and analyze all data of HOCT through Web Browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome without installing special software separately.

4. Detailed Report
Provides patient's pathological structure and relevant & important data in easy-to-read format and also can print out the report on analysis screen. Analysis results can be viewed via Web Browser and printed out with different types of reports.

5. Aanterior Measurement
Anterior Segment Module allows measurement and analysis of cornea thickness, angle and 3D image. It helps users work more efficiently by acquiring both anterior and posterior in one place. (9mm & 16mm of Anterior Lens Sets are optional)

6. Full Color Fundus Camera
Color Retinal Images optimized with high-resolution and contrast are very useful in analysis and clinical diagnosis. Best images are provided by Low intensity of flash, fast capture speed, quiet operation, small pupil mode and automatic flicker detection.

Type SD-OCT / Fundus
OCT Resolution(in Tissue) Z :6~7um, XY:20um
A scan Rate 68,000 A-scan/sec.
Scan Range Fundus] X:6-12mm, Y:6-9mm, Z:2.34mm [Cornea] X,Y:6-9mm
3-D Acquisition Time 1.4s(Fastest mode, A512 x B96)
Min. Pupil Diameter Ø2.5mm
Light Source Wavelength SLD 840nm
Optical Power at Cornea ≤650uW
Scan Pattern Macular Line, Macular Cross, Macular Radial, Macular Raster, Macular 3D, Disc Circle, Disc Radial, Disc Raster, Disc 3D
Fundus Camera Color, Resolution 12MP
FOV 45°
Min. Pupil Diameter Normal:Ø4mm / Small Pupil:Ø3.3mm
Flash LED
Resolution(on Fundus) Center:60 lines/mm or more
Middle(r/2):40 lines/mm or more
Middle(r):25 lines/mm or more
Common Working Distance 33mm
LCD Size 12.1", Resolution 1280x800
Dioptic Compensation Full Range:-33 to +33D
-33 to -7D with Minus Compensation Lens
+7 to +33D with No Compensation Lens
Fundus Surface Imaging NIR / Enface, FOV : 40°x30°
Internal Fixation Lamp LCD
Horizontal Movement 70mm (back and forth) / 100mm (left and right)
Vertical Movement 30mm
Chinrest Movement 62mm, Motorized
Auto Alignment X,Y for Positioning, Z for Working Distance
Auto Focusing Diopter Adjustment for Focusing
Network DICOM File support (Need to be customized)
Built in Computer O
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.6A~0.7A
Dimensions / Mass 330(W)x542(D)x521(H)mm / 30kg
Optional Accessories Anterior Segment Adapter, Web Viewer
Anterior Segment Module(optional) Scan Patterns ACA Line, Cornea Radial, Cornea 3D
Software Analysis Corneal Layers, Thickness Map, Thickness & Angle
Web Viewer(optional) Web-based, Multy users can be accesible
Progression Analysis, Comparison Analysis, 3D Analysis
** Designs and details above can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement.