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Introducing a variety of Huvitz products sold in the global market.


Advanced optic system, a remarkable difference

Professionals: HS series

Approved number for advertising : 2013-I10-04-1447

  • Features
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1. Microscope
With the global standard Galilean converging binocular type optic system, the Huvitz high end slit lamp series offers a wider angle, live image and increased accuracy.
2. Illuination
The 12-volt, 30-watt high luminance halogen lamp provides incredible clarity for both image and video.

3. Magnification Control System
The five-position drum-style magnification changer provides a wide range of magnification from 6x to 40x easily accessible by rotating the drum.

4. Integrated Control
The integrated omni style joystick is simple to control. A trigger button is conveniently mounted on the joystick for easy image and video capture. Images and videos can be stored simultaneously if the slitlamp is connected to image devices.

Slite lamp model HS-5000 HS-5500 HS-7000 HS-7500
Slit illumination Slit length(mm) 0.3~14
Slit width(mm) 0~14 continuous
Slit projection 1x 1.167x 1x 1.167x
Filters Cobalt blue, Red-free, Grey, Heat absorption and Yellow
Slit rotation 0°~180° continuous
Patient’s eye / Prism Angle of incidence 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° 0°~20° continuous 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° 0°~20° continuous
Surface working distance 80mm 66mm 80mm 66mm
Microscope Microscope 5 steps°
Type Galilean converging binocular
Magnification 5 position rotating drum
Eyepieces 12.5x 12.5x, 10x
Total magnifications 6.5x, 11x, 16x, 23.2x, 39.3x 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x(12.5x)
4.6x, 8x, 12.8x, 20x, 32x(10x)
Real fields of view(mm) 38.5, 22.2, 15.2, 10.5, 6.1 38.5, 24, 15, 9, 6
Interpupilary adjustment 55mm~80mm
Base Vertical movement 30mm
Longitudinal movement 100mm
Lateral movement 100mm
Power supplye Free voltage 100-240V AC
Voltage frequency 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption LED Type:40VA, HLG Type:107VA
Instrument voltage 12V DC
LED / Halogen bulb LED Type:10V, 4.4W, HLG Type:12V, 30W
Fixation point bulb 3.4V 20mA
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