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Introducing a variety of Huvitz products sold in the global market.

3D ATI-M Series

Huvitz AT-M Series analyzes 3D multi-layers to identify small defects in a specific layer within a scan quickly and accurately

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1. Panel and Film Inspection Equipment
Huvitz is able to analyze display film’s film stacking status and thickness and identify defects in layers. It is also able to identify polarizing film’s inner defect and measure polarizing function. Huvitz also measures panel’s surface and coating.

2. Transparent Resin Coating
Inspection Implementation of Transparent Resin Coating Region in Flexible OLED Process. Measure the height, width, effective height and width of Resin after transparent resin dispensing.

3. Bended Glass
Our equipments can measure the critical dimensions (thickness, fl atness, edge angle) of the inner and outer glass surfaces of the bent glass once (one time) to zero the measurement error
Model Inspection-Equipment Analysis-Stand Alone
Spec. &Optical Componant Principle Spectral Domain OCT(SD-OCT)
Light Source Wave Length 840nm
Scan Speed 250K A-scan/sec 68K A-scan/sec
Scan Range Max, X=100mm 10x10mm 10x10mm 3x3mm
Working Distance 188mm 30mm 30mm 19mm
Axial Resolution 7㎛ 7㎛ 3㎛ 3㎛
Lateral Resolution ≥40㎛ ≥15㎛ ≥15㎛ ≥5㎛
Vition Camera - 1/2° CCD 10M
Vision Light - Visible(5000K)-Spot
Vision Fov - 12x12mm 3x3mm
PC Built in Computer Yes
Storage SSD 256GB, HDD 4TB SSD 128GB, HDD 1TB
OS Window 10
Body X-Y Motorized Stage Y=300mm Stroke 100x100mm Stroke 100x85mm Stroke
Z-axis Stage 50mm Stroke 150mm Stroke
Motorized Tilting - Yes
Joystick Control - X-Y-Z Axis, Vision Light, Scanner Tilting
Demensions / Mass 1,240(W)x1,360(D)x2,090(H)mm / 445kg 400(W)x669(D)x940(H)mm / 76kg
Power 220VAC AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz