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We create a new future with differentiated competitiveness.

Technological Competitiveness

Huvitz is the only one company in South Korea owning original technology for development, production and manufacturing in the field of ophthalmic devices.


Launched first Ref-Keratometer device in South Korea

Market Insight

Localization of ophthalmic
lens processing equipment

Wavefront Analyzing

Reliable data from Huvitz equipment is used
before getting ophthalmology sugery (LASIK, etc.) by measuring & calculating the refractive power


Launched world’s first 5 in 1 OCT integrated with PC


New paradigm of OCT

OCT(Optical Coherence Tomography)

Real-time signal processing and image processing Imaging retinal tomography/photo simultaneously 3D rendering/retinal topography software module


Launched the world’s first industrial optical coherence tomography


Applied ophthalmic technology to
Applied ophthalmic technology to industrial inspection field

EDF(Extended Depth Focus)

Technology of sophisticated controlling position Enabled to synthesize planar information & height information into 3D information Total solution for 3D profile analysis

Core Technology

We diversify business areas and make sure to secure value chain through the network
technologies that was combined with optical, electronic, mechanical and S/W technology.

R&D NetWork

Huvitz develops optical technologies leading the South Korean ophthalmic medical device
industry by industry-university cooperation research.

Activities with government institute

Transfer of academic technology

Joint development with hospitals and clinics