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Introducing a variety of Huvitz products sold in the global market.

Integrated Image Server HIIS-1HIIS-1 Software

Integrate smartly and diagnose precisely

Huvitz Integrated Data Management Software

  • Features
  • Specifications
1. Integrated Management for All the Data in One Software
Not only HOCT (Angio, Fundus), all the data from Huvitz refraction & diagnostic devices such as HRK, HDR, Slit lamp is compatible with HIIS-1.
They can be sorted by patient, data and examination.
Since all patient database is connected to HIIS-1, users are able to access exam result, diagnosis & treatment records easily and quickly.

2. Exam Data by Major Disease in One Display
HIIS-1 provides exam results of each major disease in one integrated display (up to 6 categories).
By one click, it imports detailed measurement data automatically.
Users are able to have comprehensive analysis, precise diagnosis, presentation for patients in one space.
Also, customizing function is possible as the needs arise from users
* Major Disease Category : Glaucoma, IOL, AMD, Diabetic
* Providing Optimized Comprehensive Display by Disease : e.g.) Glaucoma - Fundus Image for Optic Disc, OCT, Thickness map, ACA, GCC, CD ratio, etc.,


3. Improved Web Browsing System
Without software installation, users are able to access and diagnose exam data via web browser such as Chrome(recommended), Internet Explorer, Safari.
Device specifications
Type Web-based software
List of supported devices Ref/Keratometer, Refractor, Optical Coherence Tomography, Optical Biometer, Corneal Topographer, etc.,
Display One exam and 6 exams
Recommended platform Server O/S : Windows 7 or greater (Windows 10 recommended)
CPU : Intel i5 or greater
Memory : 8GB or greater (8GB recommended)
Ethernet : Fast Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet recommended)
Client O/S : Windows 7 or greater (Windows 10 recommended)
CPU : Intel i5 or greater
Memory : 4GB or greater (8GB recommended)
Ethernet : Fast Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet recommended)
Browser : Chrome (recommended), IE 11 or greater
Feature Web-Based, Multi users can be accessible.
Main Function Communication function:
- Receive patient information, outcome images and data by connecting to ophthalmic medical device productsmanufactured in Huvitz (HOCT-1/1F, HFC-1, HRK-9000A, HLM-9000, HDR-9000,HDR-Mate, HRK-mate, CVS-1, HBM-1, HTG-1, etc.)

Communication function:
- Ability to connect a server with software installed to the web from a client (PC)

Analysis Function:
- Analyzing fundus, OCT and anterior vision images, Angio images
- Refractive power data (Sph, Cyl, Axis) inquiry function measured by the optometry refractive power meter
- Lens refractive power (Sph, Cyl, Axis) inquiry function
- Slit lamp image inquiry function
Type Function Product
connection HOCT-1/1F
HOCT-1/1F with Angio S/W
with Bio S/W
with Topo S/W
Topography HTG-1
Biometry HBM-1
Auto Ref-Keratometry HRK-1
Refractor HDR-7000*
Lensmeter HLM-9000
Tono/Pachy HTR-1A
Tonometer HNT-1/1P
Slitlamp IMS (HIS) HIS-5000U
Myopia HOCT-1F
(*) : Connection with HIIS by mate S/W
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Note: Connection with HIIS can be only activated by USB license. HIIS-1 can be only connected with devices in the list above.